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Brooke Ostrowski

I am a Northern-Michigan based artist.

Photography is an inherently reductionistic practice, capturing only bits and pieces of experience. Our own minds do the same.

We lose ourselves to the details of living and do not always emerge whole. We forget how we got here, what our intentions were. We forget how to get home. Time's passage fractures the reality of things as we knew them, it heals space in a new form, and then fractures again when we stop it to observe. Through attempting to remain whole, we become multiple iterations of ourselves, An integral which accepts utter incompleteness. Falsehood. We will remain involuntarily discrete. We all crave a continuity to experience. We want true, whole, complete. Even though we are none of these things.

When the world is stopped by a shutter - it is recorded exactly as it is, even when it is many things at once. A discrete contribution to a continuous investigation.

Each image here is an infinitesimal component to my integral of ‘what is real.’

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